CXF spring jaxws:endpoint jaxws:server 区别 与 关系

通过spring 配置实现 webservice 的配置有两种,一种是jaxws:endpoint ,另外一种是jaxws:server 。百度上没查到相关区别,又由于本人没有跟代码,所以又google了一下,才找到:

First, they are all for the server side configuration. 
Second, jaxws:endpoint is coming from JAXWS API, and it is used to 
configure the org.apache.cxf.jaxws.EndpointImpl which extends 
jaxws:server is for configuring the JaxWsServerFactoryBean, which is 
coming from the Xfire API.



For the user who has the Xfire using experience, I think they will 
prefer to use jaxws:server tag. 
For the JAXWS API fans, jaxws:endpoint will be they first choice. 
There are not much difference between the jaxws:endpoint and 
jaxws:server, since the EndpointImpl is a wrapper class for the 


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