edge 看pdf阅读视图_如何在Microsoft Edge中使用阅读视图

edge 看pdf阅读视图

edge 看pdf阅读视图

The Reading View in Microsoft Edge removes ads and unnecessary images, simplifying pages for reading. It’s great for reading long articles, where you don’t want all that clutter distracting you.

Microsoft Edge中的阅读视图可删除广告和不必要的图像,从而简化了阅读页面。 这对于阅读长篇文章非常有用,因为您不想让所有混乱的事情分散您的注意力。

Safari pioneered this type of reading view, but other browsers like Firefox and Edge have started to adopt it. You can use Reading View in the desktop version of Edge, but Microsoft has yet to add it to the mobile version of the browser.

Safari率先提出了这种阅读视图,但其他浏览器(如Firefox和Edge)已开始采用它。 您可以在Edge的桌面版本中使用Reading View,但是Microsoft尚未将其添加到浏览器的移动版本中。

启用阅读视图 (Enabling Reading View)

Once you’ve found an article that you want to read, enable Reading View by clicking on the black book icon to the right of the address bar, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R. If Reading View isn’t available for the page you’re viewing, the icon will be dimmed.

找到要阅读的文章后,通过单击地址栏右侧的黑皮书图标或按Ctrl + Shift + R启用“阅读视图”。 如果您正在查看的页面无法使用“阅读视图”,则该图标将变为灰色。

After you click the Reading View icon, it turns blue, and the page is completely reformatted for better readability. Edge removes navigation elements from the page, adds an estimated reading time, and splits the page as if you were reading a book. When you scroll, the pages flip horizontally.

单击“阅读视图”图标后,它变为蓝色,并且页面已完全重新格式化以提高可读性。 Edge会从页面中删除导航元素,增加估计的阅读时间,并像在看书一样拆分页面。 滚动时,页面会水平翻转。

If you click anywhere in the article, a settings bar appears with a few options. You can (from left to right) adjust the text size and background, turn on audio narration, access grammar tools (which you have to download), print the page, and enter full screen mode.

如果单击文章中的任意位置,则会出现一个带有一些选项的设置栏。 您可以(从左到右)调整文本大小和背景,打开音频旁白,访问语法工具(必须下载),打印页面并进入全屏模式。

Reader View is an amazing feature that simplifies the viewing of articles and allows you to focus on the content you’re actually interested in. It’s a perfect addition to web browsers for people who enjoy long form reading on the web.

Reader View是一项了不起的功能,它简化了文章的查看,使您可以专注于实际感兴趣的内容。对于喜欢在网上进行长篇阅读的人来说,它是Web浏览器的完美补充。

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edge 看pdf阅读视图

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